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Fikisha is a Swahili name that denotes to enable to reach or arrive. With this app, your destination or preferred product is at your fingertips. With Fikisha, you will have the peace of mind of getting quick services at a low price. The application is available free of charge from google and apple stores.

Fikisha is a home grown app, serving local population meeting their requirements while respecting cultural practices, trends, social and business activities. Fikisha will most certainly get you there. With Fikisha, you have a 24/7 hot line that can answer all your queries. In case you get stranded, an alternative rider will be dispatched at no extra cost. We strive to give our customers the best available service, in a language they are familiar with. Our drivers, cars and riders undergo a thorough background check and must possess certificate of good conduct from their local police department.

To book a ride, click on either boda boda or Taxi and proceed with your request. You can also choose the type of car, e.g. luxury, executive or basis etc. and the request will be honoured depending on availability and location. We also have the foot soldiers who solely deliver products in a short time, at your doorstep. You can save the frequently used drivers in your preferred list and if available, they will be the first to be contacted by the app

We also have other services like ambulance and water. In case you have a need, please scroll through and select a service of your need. 

Become a Driver

This is very easy. Go to Fikisha app and click on Become a Driver. Fill in the required details and sign in. You will also be required to submit the following: Driving License, PSV License and Certificate of good conduct. A copy of valid comprehensive insurance is also required. Approval might take several days. You will be required to come physically to the office to sign up. All other questions will also be handled at the office or by email and telephone calls. By signing up, you will authorize Fikisha to contact you for any additional information. Fikisha app can sign drivers of Taxis or motor bikes commonly known as the boda bodas. These Bikes are widely available in many African countries and provide a quick alternative for getting you there in a short time. We shall only work with the best and decent riders in the market, safe, respectful and cultured to uphold the dignity and expectations of the client. Drivers or riders who breach the code of conduct will be blacklisted. A customer can report the driver for misconduct and this will be addressed by the app administrators. Customers can also rate drivers. Each 5-star rating will earn the driver points which can be turned into cash benefits.

Fikisha app intends to Fikisha drivers to the customers and Fikisha customers or products to their destinations. Fikisha connects customers to drivers and products. It is a seamless mesh of network that will create efficiency and boost the productivity of customers and drivers/riders. With Fikisha app, you will reach your destination in confidence.


Fikisha products and services borrows heavily from the success of Telephone based Dial A CD program. This is a service where clients dial in to get condoms delivered to their locations. The reason behind this is due to the fact that many people are not able to buy condoms from the supermarkets or chemists. The challenge has been when one dials a CD, it takes quite a while to deliver the pack as the rider could be in a distant location. Fikisha identifies the nearest rider to your destination. The delivery should be in less than one hour. You can also schedule the delivery to be done immediately or at a certain time. With Fikisha app, once you sign in and select your brand, pay through mobile money, credit card or other mobile application platforms and the nearest rider will bring the product of your choice within minutes. You can also schedule to have the product delivered at a certain time and location. With Fikisha app, you are definitely empowered and safe. Drivers have been trained to handle client orders confidentially. They deliver products and go. Dial a CD service can deliver various brands of condoms, lubricants, wipes and other personal care items.  We are expanding the list of products to include rapid testing kits that will be used at your convenience. The choice is yours. You like it, we Fikisha.


Is the payment secure?

Yes, secure payments are done through Mpesa, Credit Cards or Cash. We strongly recommend credit cards or Mpesa for payment of services.

How reliable is Fikisha service?

Like the name Fikisha, using this service enables you or the product you have ordered reach the destination in the quickest time possible.

What else can Dial A CD provide?

Dial A CD service will mainly be for delivery of condoms. However, these will be scaled up to a limited number of products in the near future.

Which towns will Fikisha be located?

We are targeting all towns in Kenya by the end of 2020.

Sign in

Once you download the Fikisha app, your credentials will be maintained by the app. Whenever you need a ride, simply sign in the app. The application will contact the nearest driver who will locate your address and start driving towards your location. There will be an option of making a phone call for more accurate pick up. The app will estimate the amount of fare you are supposed to pay and provide you with several paying options. The user is free to delete product history. For iOS users, swipe to the left to delete product history.  These include Credit Card, Mpesa or Cash. Once you reach your destination, the fare will be automatically deducted from your visa card or Mpesa wallet. The data will only be used for the purposes of product or cab services. Notifications will be sent to users and drivers as is determined by the services. You will have to accept terms and conditions before getting permission to use the app.